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If you have reached this site through http://flexcontrolsolutions.com, we have changed our name to more accurately reflect our services.

Using Helium to Detect Every Leak in Your Products

YFT Leak Test of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, is here to make sure your goods don't have any leaks. Our helium-based leak detection equipment makes finding leaks of any kind straightforward and easy. Crucial in the automotive, appliance, and general industries, our testers help you ensure the quality of products such as:

Compressors | Engine Blocks |Fuel Injectors | Radiators | Brake Cylinders |LI Ion Batteries | Fuel Cells | Condensers | Heat Exchanges Plumbing Fixtures | Tubing | Gas Cylinders | Fire Extinguishers | Gas Springs

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YHS-600 Brochure

Yamaha Helium Leak Test Systems

With over 325 systems installed worldwide, YAMAHA FINE TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of fully automated and manually loaded helium leak test systems.


Chamber Method Helium Leak Test Flow Diagram

High-Speed Testing in a Small Space

Our CUBE SYSTEM is a stand-alone and pre-configured chamber style helium leak test system with a tiny footprint. This device is perfect for analyzing small parts and quickly detecting leaks while taking up minimal floor space.

YHS-600 Helium Sniffer Detector

Bench top wand style manual helium leak detector.

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